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Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

Lost Saga Tips and Tricks

General Hero Categories_______

The Melee Category

The up close and personal category. Heroes who prefer lodging their weapon in their opponents noggin rather than using precision from afar. Boasting with their superior up close attacks, they are the front line of any team match.

-Long Combos
Generally, Melee Heroes have the longest combos. Ranging from 3 to 6, they easily can overpower guards and push their opponents back, leaving them no time to retaliate. D Attack is the bread and butter, some ending in knockdowns, stuns, or even juggles, this feature is one of the main stars of Melee Heroes.

-Aerial Attack
The Melee Aerial attack is what gives them the touch advantage. Aerial attacks give these heroes more range, high ground equality, openings, and smack downs. Usually these also result in a flinch, allowing the hero to quickly open up into a combo to dish out heavy duty damage. Incorporate these attacks into your attack pattern to give your opponent one more thing to worry about. These can be blocked, but if you do it in the middle of your combo, chances are they won't see it coming.

Melee Heroes can run, they usually can run a lot faster than other categories. But this also allows them to use dash attacks, which are great for knocking your target back, even if they are trying to block it. This also allows you to chase down weakened foes to finish them off. This is also a great lead in for a combo.

-Hold Attack
Melee Heroes also possess a unique attack, different with each Hero. Upon holding down the attack button, your hero will perform a stronger attack, inflicting a status on an opponent. This may include stunning, knock back, or even guard break. These attacks are easily incorporated into your combo, allowing you to mix them into your sequence and surprise your opponents.

Some melee heroes possess a counterattack. A time buying attack used after you just guarded an opponent attack. It knocks down the foe, giving you time to either run, or prepare your next attack. Unfortunately, against faster attacking foes, this does not prove as useful seeing as they will start another attack sequence just as you try to counter attack, flinching you into a pummeling spiral of pain.

The Ranged Category
The group of Heroes that rely on projectile weapons to dish out damage to unsuspecting foes. They use aimed weapons to fire at a distance. They stay behind the front liners to support them with cover fire, and can also take the front lines.

-Short 2 hit or 3 hit combo, usually 2 hit
Rangers also possess a melee sequence, but usually it is 2 hits (Excluding Treasure hunter and Space Trooper who have 3 hit combos). This resolves in quicker knockdowns, but less damage from sheer melee attacks. Often, the first hit can quickly travel to a round for firing, replacing the remaining hit with a couple bullets.

-Aim-able attacks, strong and weak hit
Their shot attack, holding down the attack button will make the hero draw bead, aiming straight the direction they face if there is no target, and automatically locking onto targets in range. The cursor will start Yellow, then turn blue and flash. When it is yellow, it is a normal shot, dealing damage and slight knock back. When the cross hair turns blue, the shot will be much faster, and knock down the target. Utilizing a combination of these two attacks, rangers can easily repel and damage any other class. It is worth to keep in mind that either of these can be blocked. The last use, is if you have locked on, range classes have their weapon skill, which usually involves firing multiple, or stronger projectiles that automatically break and deal a lot more damage. When aimed, you can also adjust the trajectory of special attacks.

-Suppressive Fire, works well in groups
The quick shot (Either yellow cursor lock or no lock at all) works well as in you can fire repeatedly, hitting dumb opponents who stand still many times like a melee combo. This could be helpful on choke points, where you prevent the enemies melee force from advancing with a healthy hail of ranged attacks. Works great when you have 4 or more rangers, all firing repeatedly.

-Air range attack
To even things up with melee heroes, rangers themselves have a jump shot. Where they jump in the air and fire. This is usually used by a high jump, aimed shot, or high jump shot to knock someone back from a juggle. Also, aiming on the ground, then jumping works too to hit a higher up foe. Generally rangers use the jump, shoot, fall back a little to evade a counterattack.

Instead of dash, ranged classes use a rolling skill, an instant movement for a certain distance, usable to evade attacks or move around the field quickly. The downside is all rolls have a certain distance, and will only travel that far, meaning that if your opponent sees you starting a roll, they will aim for your standing up point to slug you a good one. Roll can also be used to traverse small gaps of equal height, reducing any chance of getting hit in midair and falling off.

-High Jump
Rangers have a high jump ability, holding the jump button will allow them to jump twice as high as normal jumps, also giving them a much higher vantage point to shoot at foes. Sadly, this does not increase their horizontal movement as much as double jump from games, it only boosts it by a little bit, but is still enough to jump up edges to evade melee heroes.

The Magic Category

The mage, the powerhouse, the blow stuff up hero. Your choice if you want to cause destruction on a group of enemies. Most mage classes use a ranged, aimable spell that hits hard, causing status effects. All mages also possess support capabilities, status inflicting attacks, and perfect for either front or rear attack lines.

-Short 2 hit or 3 hit combo, usually 3 hit
Mages have a 2 or 3 hit sequence. This may be advantageous since most of their attacks hit fallen enemies as well. Quick attacks like these can quickly floor a foe to buy your or allies time to recover. Unfortunately, the mage attack is generally weaker in terms of damage as compared to a sword.

-Charging magic attack
The Mage heroes all have a charge-able skill for their weapon. Holding down the attack button will decrease cooldown time on your attack spell, allowing you to spam it like a melee attack (Well, not that fast, but pretty dang fast). Sadly, charging a skill will anchor your hero on a point while he/she charges. You have to stop charging in order to move again.

-Usually has an AoE Skill
The mage hero generally has an Area of Effect spell as their body skill, hitting everyone around them. These are generally used for attack purposes and also repelling people who get too close. Most likely this attack will cause the victims to fall on the ground or off the edge.

-Has an attack instead of a Dash
Instead of rolling or running, mage heroes use a long reaching attack that either knocks down, stuns, or juggles their enemy. All three of these effects create an opening for either attack or running. These attacks boast long ranges, nearly matching a Taoist's naginata.

-Double Jump
Mages are maneuverable around the hero. They usually already have a movement skill, but also have a double jump ability. After their first jump, a second jump in midair can be used to redirect their landing point.

Individual Hero Roles
Here are a list of heroes and the general role they play in combat. 
Shadow Assassin - Attacker - Team And Solo
Iron Knight - Attacker - Solo
Fire Mage - Attacker or Supporter - Team and Solo
Cyber Medic - Supporter - Team
Cowboy - Attacker - Solo
Tao Warrior - Attacker - Team and Solo
Infantry Man - Attacker or Supporter - Team
Savage Berserker - Attacker - Team or Solo
Boxer Champion - Attacker - Solo
Treasure Hunter - Attacker - Solo
Ice Mage - Supporter - Team
Viking - Attacker - Team or Solo
Robin Hood - Attacker - Team or Solo
Grim Reaper - Attacker - Solo
Crazy Sapper - Supporter - Team
Kage Ninja - Attacker - Solo
Captain Hook - Attacker - Team
Battle Modes_______


Your standard combat Brouhaha. Take lots of people, stick them all in one level with a bone to pick against each other. Let the mess begin. More people more chaos, more bodies, attacks, and clothes flying left and right.

-Selecting your opponent(s)
Usually, you don't get a choice to pick a nice 1 on 1 battle with honor against someone. You either jump into the battle, or the battle jumps onto you. The participants in the mess hall tend to congregate into groups of 2 to 6. Try and jump into one of the smaller groups so you have more control. If you aren't able to, just attack everything that moves, and try to avoid them hitting back.

If you see someone (When you're fighting someone, if he is down to no HP, he/she WILL run) running or about to die, that means it's a free kill. Pounce em and finish them off. Toss them off the edge or nail them when they are naked. Not only does this heal you quite a bit, it also gives you momentary invincibility, and a kill count. Generally the people with the most kills do quite well in the rewards. 

-How to be Number 1
To get rank 1, and snag the Champion Award for extra moolah, make sure you stay in the battle and dish out helpings of buttkick left and right. Try to stay alive, it helps you attack people longer. The more effort you get, the better rank you are. If you know someone is high effort and your position is in jeopardy, kill them. Edging also generally gives good effort, as well as hitting large groups with an AoE skill.

Team Deathmatch
A little less chaotic than Deathmatch, since you are actually divided into two teams. You each have a spawn point on one side of the map, enter the middle, and just go back to killing the other color (Red kills blue, blue kills red, green... wait, there is no green).

-What role you play
In teamed battles there are roles to play, Support and Attack. Attackers either are in the front lines, keeping their attackers at bay. Or higher up, but still on the front lines, using ranged/magic attacks to also attack. Supporters are mostly found behind the front lines, or on them. Attackers specialize in dishing out damage, while supporters help by inflicting status on foes for the attackers to take advantage of, or buffing the attackers (Heal, resistances). Keep your role in mind, and the roles of your teammates. If you know the enemy has a fire mage, and you are a fire mage, it is your duty to take up partly the role of a supporter and offer resistances to your team so they don't get baked.

-Buff Debuff
When facing uneven teams, the team with less people gets a buff to compensate the lack of manpower. This generally means A) They have more hitpoints. B) They deal more damage. C) You take more damage from falling. And D) They are worth more in percentage to your score. In uneven team matches, they will take advantage of the heavy fall damage, so be prepared to stay away from edges, unless you have a parachute. Generally in this time, the team with more people will have two choices. A) Rush and overpower the buffed up team with a kekeke ling rush. Or B) Hide like bears in hibernation until sudden death so their advantage is practically nullified.

Team Deathmatch has a few tactics you can discuss with your team. The things that you need to keep in mind are...
A) Team Sizes: You need to adjust your tactics accordingly due to uneven teams or not. 
B) Battle Destination: Where would you have the advantage in the level? Are there edges? Do you have a better chance of knocking them off or do they do? Do your rangers and mages get a clear shot if you are fighting there? Are there defensive walls that you can hide behind? Etc.
C) Manpower: The best allocation of manpower is to never let one ally get ganged, and gang as much as you can on foes. If you see one guy getting double teamed, while you and four others are laying smackdown on three guys. You should try to go help the one guy, unless you know he/she can handle them which is rarely the case. If you see one of your allies badly hurt and near death, try to stall the foe that is on them so they can flee and hopefully recover.
D) Worth of your enemies: How much percentage is each enemy worth? You may have to make choices in either chasing a fleeing and weakened foe, or helping your teammates fight off more of them. Do they have a medic that can potentially heal him? Are any of the ones you are fighting currently about to die? Just ask yourself is it worth it to chase after them and potentially put yourself and your teammates into hazard zone by throwing yourself into enemy territory and leaving them to fend with one less fighter.

Boss Raid
Boss Raid. The teams are always uneven, so the boss (Blue team) gets a massive advantage. They will try to kill as many of the red team as possible, before getting taken down, then one of the red team that dealt the most damage becomes the boss and starts whacking former comrades.

-How it Works
The Boss, starts out as Berserked. Increased Size and increased power. Their attacks will have twice the range and do a LOT more damage. Falling off the edge for red team means death unless they haven't taken any damage. For the blue team (Boss), it's normal damage. During Boss-hood, the boss will try to knock out as many reddies as possible. Each one he/she knocks out will give a healing boost (Exponentially smaller from 1 kill on), a short invincibility aura and a power boost multiplier. Eventually, Boss' attacks will be enough to send little dudes into low orbit. At MAX power, the healing boost will have diminished to small slivers of hitpoints, and the invincibility aura too, will decrease in length. Once the boss has fallen, someone else takes the position and the process starts anew.

The Heroes, Red team, are normal heroes with a weakness to fall damage (1 fall will take out 9/10s of your life bar, if you aren't full health, you'll die). Their goal is to not only kill the boss, but deal the most damage so they become the boss and start racking up kills. The boss heritage is based off of your boss effort, how much you did against the previous boss. This includes damage, edging, and surviving. More damage, the higher the red bar goes. Edging usually gives you a huge boost. Surviving, well, once you were boss once, the bar gets reset whenever you die, so staying alive helps. Once the red bar is filled and the blue explodeyface is flashing, start grabbing your weapons of choice and prepare to turn on your teammates.

-Best Setups
The best setup is purely opinion. In Boss, the easiest way to rack up kills is to mass edge people, or find some way to swiftly knock out people consecutively. This means weapons of choice are those with wide ranges and knockback power.
Berserker Helm: Savage Charge
Bamboo Hat: Hatarang
Ice Robe: Ice Burst
Crescent Blade: Wild Dance
Raider Axe: Cleave
Robin's Bow: 5 Way Shot
Shotgun: Buckshot

The list can go on, but those are the most popular. Another vital part of equipment choosing is skill time. Since using a skill provides temporary invincibility, you would want skills that have a long animation, so they provide you with maximum invincibility while your other skills recharge. Using this you can technically maintain invulnerability by spamming your skills one after another, as long as they can chain off one another easily.

P.S. Skills not to use:
Space Trooper: Beam-Out. JUST NO.

This is a competitive mode. There IS NO TEAM. You will turn on your 'teamies' sooner or later, or they will turn on you. If someone is about to unleash a CoWA on a vulnerable boss. Jump in and whack the boss instead. A little boost is better than a boost for your 'ally'.

The more popular mode in battles. A Deathmatch style battle, played best 3 out of 5. Exact same rules except when you lose all your hp and equipment, then get hit, you get magically bundled up into a pile of ropes, and helplessly flop around waiting for rescue. Your allies can come and use an attack to cut you free, whereas you are free to skedaddle, or start bare fist boxing your oppressors. But, if you are edged and killed like that, you're dead for that round. Usually good games end up in massive nakey boxing brawls.

-Living (Equipment still there) tactics
Fight a normal Deathmatch, but try to play more conservatively. Save hitpoints and equipment so you can still fight when the naked people start coming. Save allies only if they are: A) Not guarded. B) Hit-able with a skill that also repels enemies. C) If you're desperate and down to only you and that prisoner. You have to help your freed prisoners gather equipment so they can fight. This means killing the other team and capturing them. When you capture an enemy, if they are in edging range, edge them. Don't mind them yelling at you for killing them, since one less prisoner means one less trouble you need to worry about coming back and biting you in the butt. 

-Prisoner (Captured or Just Freed) tactics
When captured, GET AWAY FROM YOUR ENEMY. Hop as hard as you can either back to your allies group, or an open area with no enemies to shove you around. If given a choice to rescue a closely guarded prisoner, or a free range prisoner, your allies will rescue the one that is more open. Once freed, start running if there are people chasing you, or if there are any pieces of equipment just lying there unguarded, snatch it up. Any piece of equipment, no matter what it is, is worth something. Then, proceed to free other prisoners, or attack singular enemies who are separated from the hunting pack. This will not only make your foe come and rescue them, giving you a chance to free your buddies. But also this will give you more equipment if they happen to have any on them.

Crown Control
Easily a shared hated mode, this mode involves two teams and one crown. Kind of like zone control, except the zone moves. Your goal is to have your team grab the crown, and don't get knocked down and forced to drop it, until your percentage bar is full. Once it is full, the match ends. This plays till one team reaches 2 points. Uneven teams will give the customary buffs, and also the team with more players will have to hold onto the crown longer. Also, it is useful to note that upon picking up the crown, the player will be given larger size and thus an easier target.

Upon picking up the crown. Many passive/skill abilities will be unavailable to be used. This includes High jump, double jump, roll, tumble, jetpacks, teleport, and dash. Meaning you have to walk normally to get away. Use jukes, skill invincibility, sporadic directional changes, status inflicting attacks (Stun, juggle, knockdown/back) to keep foes away, hopefully your teammates can do the rest in smacking the daylights out of them. Killing an enemy will make them respawn, but each death will result in a longer spawn time, so killing them is worth it sometimes.

EXP And How it works. Rank and Hero level
Upon completing any battle, you will be awarded exp to your hero(s) and your rank. Exp will go to your rank to help you level. Whenever leveling, you will unlock access to hiring new heroes, and get granted a new hero, also a hefty peso bonus. Equal exp will be granted to your hero(s) and will be distributed based on how much participation each hero put in. Heroes, like your rank, will level. A peso bonus, and also 3 upgrade points that could be used to increase stats and/or decrease your skill cooldowns. These boosts are minuscule, but enough to make a level 40 have an advantage over a level 0.

EXP gained can be affected by the following
-Amount of people in a game
-Rank of the people in the game
-Duration of the game
-Exp +100% items
-Quest +20% EXP
-Multiple Heroes (5 Hired heroes will grant you an extra 100% boost of exp)


EXP And How it works. Rank and Hero level

Upon completing any battle, you will be awarded exp to your hero(s) and your rank. Exp will go to your rank to help you level. Whenever leveling, you will unlock access to hiring new heroes, and get granted a new hero, also a hefty peso bonus. Equal exp will be granted to your hero(s) and will be distributed based on how much participation each hero put in. Heroes, like your rank, will level. A peso bonus, and also 3 upgrade points that could be used to increase stats and/or decrease your skill cooldowns. These boosts are miniscule, but enough to make a level 40 have an advantage over a level 0.

EXP gained can be affected by the following
-Amount of people in a game
-Rank of the people in the game
-Duraction of the game
-Exp +100% items
-Quest +20% EXP
-Multiple Heroes (5 Hired heroes will grant you an extra 100% boost of exp)

In Battle______

There are many statuses that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Induced by various attacks and skills, they usually allow you to land a few more attacks during the status. Here is a list of the statuses in this game, and what attack(s) cause it. Each flinch has their own severity, and they could possibly stack. (For example, weak flinch + weak flinch = Winded). whereas other statuses will just overlap one another (Weak flinch + Reeling = Reeling).

-Flinch: Short pause in movement, allowed one normal attack before recovering and able to block. Caused by:
Partial strike with a Shadow Assassins Assassinate Skill.
Aerial attacks with melee attacks.
Weak shotgun shot
Strong attack with Viking Axe
Shadow Assassin's Toxic Poison Skill
Grim Reaper Dash attack
Cyber Medic Dash Strike 1st Hit.

-Other Flinches: A longer pause in movability Caused by:
Treasure Hunter Snapshot Skill
Boxing Champion Championship Belt
Cyber Medic Drain Skill
Cyber Medic Zero Gravity Skill

-Winded: The hit that causes your opponent to sink to his knees, slowly collapsing on the ground. Open for many attacks. Caused by:
Strong Shotgun shot
Knight Headbutt
Knight Stab attack
Space Trooper Shot
cowboy Quickdraw Skill
Viking Bodycheck skill
Finisher move on the Kage Ninja's attack sequence.
Counterattack by a Boxer
Shadow Assassins Assassinate Skill 
Cyber Medic Dash Strike 2nd Hit
Tao Warrior Windstrike Skill

-Reeling: An attack that causes the opponent to hold their head in suffering. Tend to allow for many more attacks to be landed. Caused by:
Savage Berserker Warhorn Skill
Grim Reaper Grim Scroll Skill
Captain Hook Curse of the Pirate Captain Skill

-Juggle: An attack that sends your opponent flying into the air, usually can be followed through with another hit to send them flying. If your juggle sends them REALLY high, they will take impact damage upon coming back down. Caused by:
Shadow Assassin Strong Attack
Boxing Champion Nuclear Punch
Boxing Champion Uppercut
Ice mage Icicle Slash
Fire mage Meteor Skill
Fire mage Fire Wave Skill
Tao Warrior Body Skill
Savage Berserker Earthsplitter Skill
Grim Reaper Strong Attack
Grim Reaper Reap Skill
Kage Ninja Whirlwind Skill
Infantryman Grenade Skill
Robin Hood Flipkick Skill

-Knockdown: This status is inflictible by most offensive attacks and skills. Anyone in the air, when hit, will also be knocked down. when on the floor, the enemy can recover quickly unless inflicted with a separate status. At this time, any skill that hits ground laden enemies will be free to smash into their back and cause extreme damage.

-Miscellaneous statuses: Other statuses only used by singular classes.

Fire Mage: Burn. Caused by their body and weapon skill, cause opponents to be knocked onto the ground and staying on the ground for a longer period of time.

Ice Mage: Frozen. Caused by weapon skill, any enemies hit will be encased in ice. They will have a long period of time to break out, except they are hit-able by any guard break skill, even if they are frozen on the ground. During this status, the target may be attacked by everyone (Including teammates, but teammates won't do damage). If hit by a friendly guard break attack, the status will be removed.

Lightning Mage/Space Trooper: Electrified. Caused by Lightning mage all skills, space trooper body skill. Opponent is zapped, keeping them in place.

Cowboy: Hogtied. Caused by trinket skill. Causes the opponent(s) to be wrapped up, and no attacks. Restricted movement and jump for a short while. During this status, the target may be attacked by everyone (Including teammates, but teammates won't do damage). If hit by a direct, physical attack from allies, the ropes will be cut and status removed.

Infantry: Drill Sergeant. Caused by Hat skill. Opponents hit will be forced to walk in a linear path randomly for a short time.

Shadow Assassin: Poison. Caused by trinket skill. Creates a cloud of poison. Any opponents that walk into it while effective get hit with poison, slowly losing a part of their hit points over time.

Cyber Medic: Healing. Caused by Weapon skill. The target is surrounded with pink glowing crosses and lights. Slowly regenerates 25% of their hitpoints over time. If the healing target is hit, the healing will stop and status gone.

In this game, you have two sets up HP, unless you're in sudden death. HP is reduced whenever you fall off or take hits. Once you lose all your HP, whenever you take a hit you'll start losing your equipment. When all equipment is lost and you take one more hit, you will die. Keep in mind if you fall off when you are in critical hitpoints, you will die instantly without losing your equipment.

In certain modes, killing people will grant you HP recovery. In another mode, picking up potions will restore your HP (And also another potion that restores skill gauge). Without that, the only way to heal is to have a Cyber medic us the heal skill on you. You will then recover HP slowly if no one hits you at that point.

Coup de Grace
The cut of grace. Your goal is to kill someone in one strike. Your goal is to either edge or slay them in one smooth continuous combo, or use an attack that hits them multiple times. This will allow you to end your foes easily and move onto your next target. Using a long Melee combo will also work.
A few attacks that hit multiple times:
Fire Mage Fire Wave
Captain Hook Bomb Scatter
Kage Ninja Whirlwind
Infantry Barrage
Cowboy Triple Shot
Knight Triple Slash
Shadow Assassin Assassinate

Edging is a useful way to deal damage and kill people. Tossing people off edges will cut off a massive chunk of their health (If they only have that much health left, it will kill them). It will also send them back to their spawn. Whoever dealt the last hit before they fell off will gain a massive effort boost. Keep in mind, if you manage to hit one of your allies before they fall off and die, it will count as a team kill (-1 kill).
Edging is easiest done when hitting an enemy in the air, or using a dash attack.

Lost Saga boasts a wide variety of maps, each differing in arrangement of stairs, bridges, platforms, etc. Evaluate each level you see and find the area you feel most comfortable fighting in. Say you're planning on edging, find a narrow place. Say you're trying not to be edged, cautious, find a wide place. If your opponent cannot use special jumps, abuse high ground advantage (Think of Anakin and Obi Wan). Also, the slopes. Some slopes are steeper exponentially (And some skills cause you to move downwards, combine these two and you will get pulled down like a heavy gravity well).

Skills and their uses
Skills do something else other than attack. They can buy time to run away, they can block other skills, they can support allies and wreak enemies. Things to keep in mind about your skills:
-Cool down times, when to incorporate your attack into your assault to cause the most damage. If you know your attack is about to be ready, get into the fray for a preemptive appetizer! 
-What skills could be sacrificed as a skill cancel attack.
-What skills do your opponents have, always see them as having all of them available unless they just use it against you. Plot your defense accordingly.
-What skills do your allies have and will use? Try not to bust into their combos unless you know something is going to go wrong.

Timing your attacks
Your attacks aren't accurate. They might get negated, they might miss, they might hit the wrong target. Timing your attacks is vital to victory. Here are the times you should launch your attacks.
-Right after your opponent finishes his skill
-While your opponent is afflicted by a status
-Right as your opponent activates his skill
-While your under heavy attack
-While your opponent is spamming attack.
-While your opponent is just about to land from a jump
-While your opponent is in mid jump
-While your opponent is reloading
-While your opponent is unaware and stupidly aiming for someone else (I fall under this category. Just a tip, LOOK AT THE MINIMAP. If you see a different colored dot moving towards you, it's obvious they are on the warpath and you should turn your attacks toward him).

Aiming your attacks
Sometimes your attacks will do more damage if aimed slightly differently. A different attack angle might hit multiple people, a far ranged shot might hit a running target. Learn to mentally map our each of your skill's region of damage so you can include as many people as possible. If you're attacking a fleeing target, fire ahead of them. 

Defending against attacks.
Usually block negates normal attacks and bullets (Strong and Weak). To defend against skills and breakers, you either have to counter with your own skill invincibility, or dodge it. Usually jumping does the trick if you know the range of the attack.
Skill Stance: When two players continuously use their skills to counteract each others attacks until one player mistimes and gets hit. Try to avoid these by hitting him between his skills.
Fistfight Stance: When you time your melee attack spam so you trade off 1 hit apiece until one guy dies.

Blocking Breakers
All offensive skills can break through block. There are also quite a few heroes possessing a strong attack that can go through guard, and most oftenly also applying a status effect on the victim. Whereas most skills have a short startup time, long enough for you to evade it or apply your own skill counter, block break using a hero strong attack, when incorporated into their normal attacks, nearly has no warning (Perhaps half a second warning). Since using block holds you still in place, don't just hold it. Tap it accordingly to the strikes they land on you. Then when you have that split second warning, use it to jump to safety.

Combos: Entering and ending, mid combo connectors, jugglers.
The best way to do easy damage in this game is to use a string of attacks and skills, chained together in fluidity that your opponent has no chance to recover. Either end your combo in a prolonged status, or edge them with the finisher.
Combo Components

Entering: A sequence of hits or a status inflicter, creating an opening where you can easily strike your opponent with your next strike.
First Sequence: Optional Step if you used a weak flinch in the first step, get a few free hits in.
First Status: Your first skill strike that will put your opponent into another vulnerable position. Or this could also be the finishing attack in your First Sequence.
Second Status: Usually a skill, this attack will put your opponent into another vulnerable position. 
Second Sequence: During the opponents second weakened state, hit him hard with a full combo.
Finish Status: Your last skill or your Second Sequence finisher. This will be your finishing attack to knock them off or leave em reeling while you go and recover your skills.

Entering: 3 Hit S.Berserker Combo. End result: Knockdown
First Status: Weapon Skill. End result: Juggle
Second Status: Aerial attack. End result: Knockdown a distance.
Third Status: Switch to Tao. Body Skill. End result: Juggle.
Finish Status: Switch to S.Berserker. Savage Rush. End Result: Knockdown and Edge.

Unfortunately, combos are limited only to a max of 4 or 5 skills, and sequences in between. Use a list of statuses and your mind to create a usable combo. Remember, your skill gauge is shared among heroes, hence you cannot use say Meteor and Earthsplitter in the same combo unless you use a concentrate or a Dragon Scroll in between.

Sudden Death
Is a pain in the rear. In certain modes (Boss and Prisoner), once you die it's game over. All modes, your HP is dropped to zero (AKA, you instantly lose your gear), and debuffs begin appearing if it takes to long (If you run too long without any effort gaining actions). Such as skill gauge cannot recharge and Slow down.
Upgrades are gained by leveling a Hero, then using the upgrade points along with pesos to upgrade your hero. Upgrades include leveling your stats (More overall damage dealt, less overall damage taken, less damage taken from falls, faster movement speed) and reducing cooldowns on your skills (In some cases, skills may offer a stat boost that is half as effective as the actual stat. Knight Armor - Shield sigil is an example, boosting your defense instead. In actuality, these boosts are equal in terms of points per boost as stat upgrades require 2 upgrade points instead of 1).
It is speculated, in the long run, that these boosts will prove effective. But it doesn't actually show until you reach the double digits in terms of level, where you might see a small boost here or there.
The max upgrade level is 50, as so the rumors say.

The equipment function in this game is quite particular. Each individual piece of armor, weapon, helm, or trinket, counts as a hit point. They also give uniqueness to each hero and their attack styles. They also provide each Hero with their extra abilities (Guns provide high jump, staves provide double jump, melee weapons provide dash).
In battle, depending on the situation, you either want to save equipment, or destroy it.
When you have a foe who lost his equipment (Either due to a skill or lack of HP), if no one on your team needs it, guard it. Repel them from trying to pick it back up. This way, they will lose use of one of their skills, making them less troublesome.
If your ally just lost his equipment, try to hold off foes while he picks it back up. You need all the help you can get.
If you find yourself missing a piece of equipment, grab any one that is around, then refresh your hero (By pressing the number key equal to what slot your hero is). It will turn into whatever your hero is normally equipped with. This can also be used to get rid of dangerous enemy equipment.

Another note to keep in mind. Although all your heroes share a skill gauge. Each piece of equipment also has it's own gauge when dropped. If you dropped a fully charged helm, someone could pick it up and use it against you. Similarly, if you know someone hasn't used their skills and they dropped their equipment, snatch it up, blast them with it, then switch back.

Other Stuff_____
This section is devoted to the random other tidbits, I don't feel like making a part directly for shop, directly for FB, directly for Plaza. So here goes nothing.


I was observing a battle between two very skilled players. During this battle, one lost and said "I almost got it down". I wondered what he meant by this and eagerly watched on. Turns on, through fighting the same opponent 1v1. He could anticipate what his opponent was going to do next, and then devise a counter for it. This way of experience and learning actually allowed him to defeat his enemy just by changing his tactic to envelope his opponents combos. If you learn to fight an opponent, observe their tactics carefully, develop a foil that messes up their combo. Know how they are going to attack and avoid as necessary. If they have a clever move that is devastating, anticipate it and always be ready to counter it.

Find your weaknesses and strengths
Everyone has their weaknesses. Mine is Ice cream Cake. Fine, no, Mine is actually against fast attackers. I get wrecked by cowboys and boxers. But, I do VERY well against slow attackers such as Tao and Viking. Hence, in multi man battles, I would try to stay away from my weaknesses and go after the heroes I fight better against. If I know some guy will completely annihilate me due to experience, I go after someone else if I have the choice.

Evaluate your foe and plan your attack
Depending on you who face, it might be necessary to change how you fight against them. For example, when fighting against a mage, you know you have to get up and close to them to prevent from from casting. Also, you know they can't exactly repel aerial attacks, so spam them liberally. If you're fighting against a melee hero, you know they have limited mobility. Use the environment against them and keep your distance. Against rangers, try to get behind them, and hit them while they are shooting (And missing) or reloading. If you know they have a certain skill that is painful, stay out of its range.

Some Skills are Self-detrimentalSome skills, like Air Strike, Meteor, Blizzard, Grenades, Captain Hook Bombs, all can hurt the user as well as the enemy. Usually this has no major effect on yourself, but in times like Boss or in SD, this can be vital. This could also be used to your advantage sometimes, knocking yourself down in order to escape more pain.



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